Offshore Investment News

  • New Earth Solutions Fund

    This is a unique fund which invests in recycling facilities in the United Kingdom and targets returns of between 8% and 11% per annum.

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    Coral Student Portfolio

    The Coral Student Portfolio Fund invests in student accomodation, one of the few areas of real estate which is experiencing growth.

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Discounted Offshore Investments

Welcome to Offshore Bond Investor, a financial advisory firm which specialises in offering substantial discounts and rebates on offshore investments and offshore bonds and wrappers. By working with Offshore Bond Investor, you can benefit from:

  • Up to 75% discount on initial fund charges
  • Increased allocation on investment funds
  • Substantial commission rebates on investments in offshore bonds

Offshore Bond Investor works with hundreds of different offshore fund managers and offshore bond providers to provide the very best discounts and commission rebates on literally thousands of investment funds and a variety of offshore bond products and investment platforms.

Are you thinking about investing through an offshore bond, or do you want to know more about offshore investments? Please contact us for more details.

What are Offshore Bonds?

Offshore Bonds are a form of investment wrapper, which can offer significant advantages over traditional investment platforms. They allows a range of investment products eg. investment funds to be placed within the wrapper.

  • Potential Tax Benefits. Many of the tax advantages of an offshore bond derive from the fact that the investment is structured as a life insurance product. There is a small amount of life insurance built into the product - usually 101% of the total value of the portfolio. This also creates the additional advantage that if the offshore bond holder passes away, the value of the portfolio can be paid immediately to the beneficiaries.
  • Convenient Administration. An offshore bond is also a very convenient way to hold all of your investments in one place. The offshore bond provider will provide bond holders with regular valuations, and increasingly they offer 24/7 online access to your account.
  • Increased Investment Opportunities. Depending on the type of offshore bond, and the offshore bond provider, the investment opportunities within the bond itself are potentially limitless. All manner of investments and asset classes can be held within an offshore bond, from individual stocks, bonds, investment funds, capital guaranteed funds, structured products, and of course cash. In addition, the bond provider will use their financial muscle to negotiate much more favourable charges and fees than if you had invested in the funds directly.

There are number of different offshore bond providers in the market, each offering slightly different products, with different features. Your financial adviser will be able to recommend the most appropriate offshore bond for your specific circumstances.

If you invest in an offshore bond through Offshore Bond Investor, you will benefit from greatly reduced charges and increased allocations. Please contact us for more details.


Structured Products Q&A

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In this series of articles, we look at how structured products can be used to help increase the overall returns of a portfolio.

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Has Your Adviser Vanished?

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We specialise in taking over the management of investment portfolios of expats all over the world who have been left without an adviser.

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Free Portfolio Healthcheck

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When did you last review your investments? Get a Free review of your investment portfolio by a qualified financial adviser.

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Offshore Bonds

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There are numerous benefits of offshore bonds, including tax mitigation and increased portfolio returns.

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