Review of Your Existing Investment Portfolio

Proactive management of your investment portfolio is essential if you are to stand the best possible chance to achieve your financial objectives – and regular reviews of your finances are needed to ensure that you are on track to meeting these goals.

There are also other circumstances which may require an immediate review of your current investment portfolio and wealth management strategy:

Change in Residency

If you have moved location, either for work, or to retire, then you will be subject to a different tax regime, with potentially major changes in how your income and and investments are treated for tax purposes. It is therefore essential to review your financial planning strategy to take into account any necessary changes.

Major Life Changing Event

If you have a child, get married, divorced, or suffer a bereavement, then there will inevitably be financial consequences which flow from this, and your current financial planning strategy may need to be reviewed.

Change in Economic Climate

The change in the economic climate will clearly have an impact on your investment portfolio, as well as other aspects of your financial planning strategy. Investments which may have been appropriate in 2008 may not be appropriate in 2012 – thus reinforcing the importance of regular reviews of your portfolio.

Whether you have lost contact with your adviser, or are not happy with the advice and service of your current adviser, and would like expat financial advice from an EU regulated financial adviser, we would be happy to offer you a free review of your existing investment portfolio.

After completing a thorough assessment of your current and future financial needs, we will conduct a thorough review of your portfolio to assess whether or not you are on track to meeting your financial goals.

For more information, please contact us.

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